Little Monster Games

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Little Monster Games is CTF – (Capture the flag type game)

Single Player & Multi-Player

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Little Monster Games

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Game Overview


Action, Adventure, Capture the Flag


Android, IOS, Amazon, Facebook Gameroom, Mac, Windows10, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon TV

Little Monster Games has high quality graphics and gameplay.

Unlock and control 15 Little Monsters:

Witch – Frankenstein – Devil – Scarecrow – Vampire – Teddy – Female Zombie – Grim – Clown – Female Vampire – Bones – Pumpkin head – Zombie – Wolf – Mummy


Game Features

Single Player & Multi-Player

15 Little Monsters

Play as Human or Dinosaur

Many Weapons

Jeep, Boat, MotorBike and Horse

Day, Night, Rain or Sun

Uncover the Whole Story

The aim of the game is simple yet highly addictive.


Choose Time Limit.

Find the Flag 5 points are awarded, return it the the Home Location – A magic Circle of Stones, 1 point is awarded.

When you don’t have the Flag try and capture the flag from others or stop them returning home with it.

After end of Time Limit:
Whoever scores the most Points gets a reward and the lowest ones get eliminated from the next round until theres only one winner.

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Little Monster Games